Ash Princess

By Laura Sebastian

Hola, book friends! I just finished this book and I wanted to share my thought with you! I hope you enjoy!

The Plot: Theodosia was six when her country was invaded and her mother was murdered before her eyes by the Kaiser, an evil tyrant and her captivator. Since then, Theo has been imprisoned inside her own palace, forced to play the role of Ash Princess, a title of shame. She has worn this title for title for ten years, enduring the pain for every act of defiance her people have against the Kaiser. Then, one day, The Kaiser forces Theo to kill the person who she thought was her last hope of escaping. Soon, Theo realizes that she must be the one to help herself.

My Thoughts: This book was a great start to the beginning to the Ash Princess trilogy. There were times that I felt that the book was getting nowhere and I was reading the same thing over and over, but that happens in a lot in first books. The torture that Theo had to endure was pretty rough so, if you have a weak stomach, this book is not for you. She endured whippings and many more. This book also has a lot of parts where the book goes deep into Theo’s mind, which a lot of people do not enjoy. I actually love this kind of writing, so I really enjoyed those parts. There was also an intense love triangle incorporated in the plot, but I actually enjoyed it. Do not let this stop you from reading this though, as it is not the main focus of the book.

My Rating: I am going to give this book a… 4 STAR RATING! I had nothing against this book and I really enjoyed it. I am now reading the sequel, Lady Smoke, and I really like it!


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