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Welcome back, book friends! Sorry about the big time gap between this post and the last, I was out of the country, in Iceland, Sweden, and Denmark, and had no time to post! Fortunately, I was able to finish one book, and here is my review for it.

The Plot: Geek girl Danielle, Elle, Whittimer, lives and breaths the sci-fi television show, Starfield. She and her dad used to watch Starfield before he died and she was left to live with her horrid stepmother, and her twin daughters, Cal and Chloe. Elle constantly watches reruns of the show on her old TV and even writes about it on her blog, Rebelgunner. When they decide to make a reboot movie about the show, Elle feels ecstatic. But, when they cast Darien Freeman, a soap opera actor who all girls love, as the main character, Federation Prince Carimidor, Elle is beyond disappointed. Scraping together enough money from her job at The Magic Pumpkin, a vegan food truck, Elle enters a Starfield cosplay contest; with the prize of a ticket away from her stepmonster and a chance to express her love for Starfield.

Darien Freeman used to live for conventions, before they were awkward signings and jaw aching pictures. Playing Carmidor is all he’s ever wanted, but the fandom dismisses him in a heart beat. The nerd in Darien is slowly slipping away, until a girl shows him otherwise.

My Thoughts: This book was a great summer read! It was a fun and lighthearted take on Cinderella, and I enjoyed it! I got really absorbed into the plot and attached to the characters; this book had me intrigued. The only thing is, this book was a bit cliche, with the whole “girl whose parents (or parent, in this matter) are mean and she falls in love with a boy who helps her get out of that trap” thing. I did like how this book showed that fame is not as great as it seems to be, in Darien’s case. I also enjoyed how the author switched perspectives in book, going back and forth between Darien and Elle, so we could see what they thought, individually. I know the ending of Cinderella, so I knew how it was going to end, which took away part of the suspense.

I love this cover. I have seen this book multiple times at my local Barnes and Noble and it has always caught my eye with it’s bold colors and fun illustrations. And when you look closely, the title sparkles, and everything is better with sparkles! I hope you like the picture I took of the book above!

My Rating: I am going to give this book a… 3.5 STAR RATING! I would love to know, what are your summer reads? Leave your answer in the comments!👇

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