The Gentelman’s Guide To Vice and Virtue

By: Mackenzi Lee

Welcome back, book amigos! I have wanted to read this book for so long, but I put it off because I owned so many books that I hadn’t read, and I wanted to read them first. When I finished that pile of books, I headed to my local Barnes and Noble and walked over to the teen section. I was surprised when they didn’t have it at the store, but, I got Geekerella, by Ashley Poston, instead. (You can read my review on that😊) Luckily, while in Iceland, I stumbled across a cute, quaint, little bookstore and found it there! I was so happy! I hope you enjoy my review on it.

I know how battered this book looks! It survived 5 flights, 3 countries, and many backpack rides!!😊

The Plot: Henry “Monty” Montague plans to have a exceptional time on his Grand Tour. He’ll be away from his tyrant father, able to meet attractive people, and have a whole year with his secret crush, Percy, before he goes away to Holland.

Everything Monty had planned for his Tour goes in the dumps when he gets in a bit of trouble involving a french duke. Monty’s Grand Tour soon turns into a harrowing manhunt across 18th century Europe. Monty, Percy, and Felicity, (Monty’s sister) embark on a amazing journey in this novel by Mackenzi Lee.

My Thoughts: I loved this book! It was a fun and very exciting summer read! It was hilarious, sassy, and engaging. I loved the main characters- they are a terrific trio!

Monty narrated the whole book, which I really enjoyed. He was funny, clever, and sometimes, deep. I can only imagine what it was like being bisexual in 18th-century Europe, when it was shamed upon. Monty was not a perfect protagonist in many ways: he was arrogant in some parts, narcissistic, self absorbed, and sometimes all he wanted to do was drink and dream about Percy, but this boy BROKE MY HEART! He was so emotionally wounded; it hurt reading about his past! I just wanted to give him a hug!! My heart went out to him.

Percy was another brilliant character! He struggled to make Monty realize what it is like to live being a dark skinned man in this time period. But, he always stood by Monty even when he made horrible mistakes and fought with him. Also, Percy might have a secret that could change the whole novel…

Felicity, Monty’s sister, (and the third person in the trio, if that was unclear) was an amazing role model. She crossed the limits placed upon her just because of her gender. She wanted to go to medical school to become a doctor, not finishing school to be a proper lady. She also resented her brother because he had all these opportunities, but he seemed to throw them away. Though, throughout the trip, she found other ways to shine.

I also enjoyed this book because it was kind of like my favorite show, Downton Abbey, a historical-fiction show about the lives of upper class (Earls, Lords, etc…) people living in 18th-century Britain.

The Cover: This cover is not bad, but not my favorite. It personally does not stand out to me. Though, the “V” is “Virtue” has a top hat, which I think is cute!😁

My Rating: I am going to give this book a 5 STAR RATING! I loved this book and I am not ready to let go of the characters! Luckily, there is a another book, The Ladies Guide To Petticoats and Piracy, where Felicity is narrating! I’m so excited to read it!

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