Pottermore Sorting

If you guys don’t know, (which you shouldn’t because I’ve never told you😂) I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I have read the books twice, watched the movies countless times, and always find myself back at Harry Potter merchandise table at Barnes and Noble. But yet, I have never taken any Pottermore tests. Sure, I’ve been to the website, read a few articles here and there, but never signed in, because of fear! I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be sorted into Ravenclaw that I never took the test, until today. The Pottermore tests include: -Hogwarts house sorting -Ilvermorny house sorting -Finding out your Patronus -Picking your wand. Now, my results…

MY HOGWARTS HOUSE: The whole time I was taking the test, was was praying I got Ravenclaw. This is the house that I told everyone I was in, and if Pottermore did’t sort me into it, I would have to rethink my life. In the end, I was sorted into….


MY IIVERMORNY HOUSE: If you aren’t already aware, Ilvermorny is the American Wizarding School, located in Massachusetts. This one I was pretty skeptical about, not knowing much about the houses. (you can learn more about Ilvermorny here) I am pretty happy about what I got, because I think it suits me most. I was sorted into…

So far, Pottermore is doing pretty good.

MY PATRONUS: I don’t know how this one fits me very much, because I am not the most graceful, which is what I think of when I think of this animal. But when I looked it up, here, I guess it kind of fits me… This animal is definitely not what I pictured as my patronus, but I guess it could have been worse. My patronus is…

Not bad, right? I am just glad I didn’t get a squirrel, or something like that.

Lastly, MY WAND: My wand ended up being a…

The wood in my wand is supposed to favor people that are focused, strong-minded and, occasionally, have an intimidating demeanor. I hope I have these qualities.😅 I was very excited to hear that the core of my wand shares a core with HARRY POTTER’s wand!! It is said to be very rare and have a mind of its own sometimes.

Overall, I think Pottermore did a good job! I am incredibly happy with my Hogwarts house!! If you are a Harry Potter fan, like myself, I would highly recommend going to Pottermore and taking the tests. They were really fun to do and I had a blast seeing my results!

If you have taken any of these quizzes, leave your result in the comments👇! I would love to see them!

See You Later, Alligator,

In A While, Crocodile,😂

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8 thoughts on “Pottermore Sorting

  1. Hello! (Hopefully you can guess who I am from my name, but since I’m bad at calling, and you haven’t checked your email, here I am). SOOO, email me please.

    (Cool blog!)🦙🙃


  2. Since I can’t tell if you’ve gotten my emails or not, I’ve decided to do this again. You can come over anytime today.


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