To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: Spoiler-Free Series Review

By: Jenny Han

Hello! It’s been so long since I’ve written, and I’m really sorry about that! Anyways, here’s my review!

The Plot: Lara Jean loves saving things. Ribbons, ticket stubs, her love letters. Her love letters are maybe the most important things that she’s saved. She has written five of them. One to her childhood friend, John Ambrose Mclaren. One to the high school heartthrob, Peter Kavinsky. One to a flamboyant friend, Lucas Krapf. Another to her sister’s ex-boyfriend and Lara Jean’s secret love, Josh Sanderson, and one to her long lost friend from camp, Kenny Donati. She keeps all these precious letters in a hatbox her mother gave her before she died, and has never let anyone read them. Her love letters are meant to be goodbye’s, so she can go about her day and not think about her crushes.

Until, all five of them get mailed to the recipients, and Lara Jean’s world turns upside down. Josh can’t know she loves him! So, Lara Jean comes up with a plan. And the key is another love letter receiver, Peter K.

My Thoughts: I have a rule: I cannot watch any movie that was originally a book before reading that book. There are only four times I have broke this rule, and two of them were from this series. So, I made a promise to myself: No matter how bad or boring, I will finish this series and not carry the weight of the shame any longer. (I am a bit dramatic😅) But, thankfully, reading these books was not a bad time! I finished them in a week, they were so entertaining.

There were so many aspects of this series I liked! To start out, I loved Lara Jean. I know some thought this main character was baby-ish, but I thought she was quirky and an all-round good person. She always had good intentions, even though the outcome might not have been positive, and thats what counts. She had a fun sense of style, and was not afraid to be different.

Lara Jean and her sisters, Margot and Kitty, had an amazing bond. They were always there for each other, but still had the sass and comebacks of a real sibling relationship. Many fictional siblings never fight, and are “picture perfect,” and that is not how it is like in real life, so I was happy to see the author writing a normal team of siblings.

Two out of the three books had a love triangle, and usually I hate love triangles, but this one was not bad at all. It was straight, to the point, and there was no messing around. Lara Jean kissed one of the love triangle participants, decided he was not the one, and left. It sounds harsh, but I strongly dislike it when a main character contemplates who is the one for her. I know that it is a big life decision to make, but if it really takes that long to figure it out, is it really love?

I also loved all the male characters in this series. I feel the character arc of Peter was really something! He started out being kind of a jerk to Lara Jean, then completely redeeming himself in the third book. (Was that a spoiler? No, right?) John Ambrose Mcalren was really sweet, and so was Josh!

I also liked how Lara Jean deals with not getting into the college of her choice in the third book. She worked as hard as she could but still didn’t get in. (Is this a spoiler? Yeah, it is… Whoops, sorry!) She just got back up and make the most of the situation, and had a good time too! It was one of the many times when Lara Jean was a good role model.

There was one thing I did not like about this book: the writing was kind of childish to me. There was times that I, a thirteen year old, was rewriting sentences in my head. But, in this situation, the good outweighs the bad, so I’ll let this one slide.

The Covers: I do not particularly like any of these covers. They are just bland, in my opinion. I have mentioned before that I do not like people on book covers, because I like to imagine the people myself. But, to be fair, I already watched the movies, so I already envisioned Lara Jean as Lana Condor and Peter Kavinsky as Noah Centineo.

My Rating: ★★★★☆ Four Stars!! This series was so much fun, and I highly recommend it, especially to people who live watching teen rom-coms like me!!


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